I thought my world had ended when the divorce papers were served. I was at work and the courier brought them right up to my desk and asked me to sign in from of all my co-workers. I had mentioned having some difficulties to some of the office ladies and it was pretty apparent what was happening.

I remember feeling like I could have shrunk into my office chair, never to be seen again, I would have.

That was almost 11 months ago and I've just now tried going on a few dates.

The guys at the office were few and far between on prospective date material and I wasn't really into the bar scenes in town, so one of my girlfriends suggested that I try out a dating website.

I spent that night setting up my profile. I kept it cute but confidential. I didn't want to give away too many details and I had heard horror stories about online dating. The somewhat embarrassing part was to describe my body type even though I am a petite blonde with a sports build that most men find attractive. I just thought that part was like setting myself up as an auction item rather than being romantic. For a final touch, I made sure to enter that billiards was my favorite hobby since I had been playing pool since I was in high school.

I didn't enter a profile picture, and instead chose anonymous with 'photo upon request' as the default.

I started to get hits within 5 minutes of uploading the profile. From geeks to creeps to guys old enough to be my dad. The 'winks' just kept coming.

I found one in particular pretty interesting. It was a user that went by the tag 'Stickman'. Said he was a pool guru, loved long walks on the beach and even had a dog.

I clicked on his profile picture which was of a boat on the ocean thinking I might be interested in seeing if he was up for a date.

It was my ex-husband Frank.

I immediately deleted my profile and haven't been back on a dating website since.